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Adds pricing.

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......@@ -37,6 +37,9 @@
<a class="app-header__nav-link" data-drawer="who-is-indie-hosters-">Who is IndieHosters?</a>
<li class="app-header__nav-item">
<a class="app-header__nav-link" data-drawer="pricing">Pricing</a>
<li class="app-header__nav-item">
<a class="app-header__nav-link" data-drawer="contact">Contact</a>
......@@ -88,6 +91,11 @@ While we believe in an indie web where everyone can easily self-host their own d
<p>The easiest is to trigger the livechat on the bottom right of this window.</br></br>You can also send us an email to contact at indie dot host if you prefer.</p>
<a class="drawer__close">Close</a>
<div class="drawer__content" data-drawer="pricing">
<span class="drawer__title">Pricing</span>
<p>You get 2 months of free trial, and then it is 45euros/month.</p>
<a class="drawer__close">Close</a>
<div class="drawer__content" data-drawer="host-description">
<span class="drawer__title">URL Prefix</span>
<p>We deploy instances under the domain name So if your organisation is let's say called <i>foundation</i> then, the ideal would be to deploy it under <i></i>.
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